“You Can’t Cancel Christmas”

It was the first week after the New Year when I was manicuring my client Nadine. We were comparing how we spent our time off at Christmas, when she tells me that her two children got more spankings that week than in their entire lives! At the time, her son Nathan was six & daughter Zoe was three. Evidently they did three really bad things in the relatively short amount of holiday time that their parents had off work. The first misbehavior was that they were jumping up & down on their Momma’s bed (knowing full well that they weren’t allowed to do so) & they wound up breaking the cherry bedrail so severely that it could NOT be fixed. Cha-ching for a new one!

The second bad thing the kids did was that they were jacking around near the Christmas tree while their Momma was in another room. Out of the corner of her eye, Nadine sees something large quietly go swishing to the ground in relatively slow motion….that is until it hit the ground, whereupon many loud shattering noises erupted. You guessed it. The kids had knocked the fully decorated Christmas tree to the ground & many family heirloom ornaments were broken! Spanking number two followed shortly thereafter.

The third REALLY bad thing happened when Nadine had gone to the grocery store leaving her husband in charge of watching the two kids (I hear the collective laugh from all the mothers that have made THAT mistake in the past). The children started misbehaving in some way, so their Daddy said he was going to return all the presents they’d bought & cancel Christmas entirely if they did not settle down. After that their Daddy went upstairs to take a shower, thinking that the kids had calmed down sufficiently. Upon exiting the bathroom (& thankfully fully clothed, not wearing a towel or a robe) Nadine’s husband hears knocking at the front door. He can see someone trying to peer in the sidelight window, but cannot make out who it is.

When he answers the door, standing there are two policemen, along with their patrol car parked in front of their house for all the neighbors to see on Christmas Eve! They tell him that they received a 911 call from a young boy reporting that his Daddy was being mean to him & were obligated to check it out. The two policemen enter & they start taking their report. Now Nadine’s husband is silently freaking out! He figured it would be best if the police heard the story from his son who he surmised was the one who called them, lest they think he had something to hide.

So he says to Nathan “Son, you called the police out here, now you need to tell them why you did that”.  Nathan proceeds to tell the policemen that his Daddy is being mean to him by threatening to take away the presents & cancel Christmas, to which Zoe fervently adds “Yeah, you can’t cancel Christmas! My Daddy’s not my boss; Nathan is my boss!” all the while she’s stomping up & down on the floor for emphasis.

The policemen could see the writing on the wall, so they wrapped up the report. Before leaving one of them says to Nathan “Now I’m not saying this should happen or this should not happen, but if I’d have done something like this at your age, I would’ve been spanked”! After they departed, Nadine’s husband called her & says “You won’t believe what just happened!” to which she frantically responds “Do I need to come home right now?” With a big sigh he says “No, the police already left”.

Needless to say, she was done shopping at that point & peeled tires out of the grocery store parking lot. When she had gotten home, they both had a long talk with their children about what calls to 911 were appropriate & what calls were not. I’m not sure if the third spanking came BEFORE or AFTER the talk, though!





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