“A Tale of Two Rivals”

“A Tale of Two Rivals”

Maria, a longtime client of mine, was getting her nails done one afternoon in my little nail room at the back of a busy salon. It was her day off & she had been cleaning house, running errands, etc., so she was dressed casual. In fact, she was wearing baggy sweats with an old t-shirt, no make-up & didn’t fix her hair. As her nails were drying I mentioned that my next client, Katrina, should be arriving shortly. Now Katrina is not a very common name, so Maria tentatively asked “By any chance is it Katrina Smith”? “Yes, do you know her?” I inquired. Then she said “That’s the bitch I caught cheating with my fiance’!”

Shocked is putting it mildly! I’d remembered Maria telling me a long time ago about how her fiance’ cheated on her & that’s why she wasn’t with her baby’s daddy, but I didn’t know the full story until then. Evidently this took place a decade ago when they were still in college. She said she was engaged to Carl when she found out she was pregnant & they were still planning to get married.

One night she went over to see Carl at the fraternity house where he was living & upon hauling her big, pregnant self up a long flight of stairs, she walks in on Katrina having sex on top of Carl! Maria bursts out crying, some words were said, & then she fled as fast as she could down the flight of steps. As she gets to the bottom, she looks back up to see Katrina standing at the top of the stairs, BUCK NAKED, with her hands on her hips, saying “Well what do you expect when you let yourself go like that”?

Stunned, Maria shouts back “I’m not fat, you stupid bitch, I’m pregnant”!  Needless to say, it was not a happy moment for everyone involved. Maria wound up marrying Carl to give the baby legitimacy, but then immediately had the marriage annulled after the birth. I don’t know what happened to Katrina after that point of the story. But for over the past year that I’d been doing Katrina’s nails, I had NO idea that she was “the other woman” until that day! I’d never scheduled both of them back to back, so their appointments never overlapped, & therefore each of them didn’t know that I did the others nails.

Just then the front door of the salon opened & we heard Katrina talking to one of the stylists out in the front room! Maria became distressed about her arch rival not only seeing her, but seeing her looking so slovenly & said “I can’t let her see me looking like this”! So I quickly snuck Maria out the back door of my nail room just before Katrina walked in to sit down at the nail table. Disaster was narrowly averted!

I did Katrina’s nails as usual that day & never let on that anything out of the ordinary had just happened, but I must admit that I thought differently of her after that. I couldn’t help but to wonder how she didn’t appear to be the sort of woman who was not to be trusted around other women’s husbands or boyfriends. Maybe she had regret for her past actions? We’ve all done stupid things & then experienced remorse, so possibly that bad situation helped shape her into the better human being that she appeared to be now? Or at least that’s what I hoped had happened.

Later that year Katrina married the nice man she’d been dating & they eventually wound up having a couple of children. Till the day she stopped coming to get her nails done, I never told her that I also did Maria’s nails, too……. even though it would’ve been interesting to hear her version of the story!





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