My client Lorena was a big dog lover & an even bigger supporter of our local Humane Society Animal Shelter. Both she & her husband were very much involved with many fundraisers for this no-kill shelter that’s devoted to rescuing abused or neglected animals.


So one day it came to pass that she heard of a dog which had been hit by a car & brought to the shelter. The dog was injured pretty badly & it looked like one of its legs may need to be amputated. Never mind the fact that Lorena already had 4 dogs of her own……she went down to the shelter & talked them into letting her “foster” the dog for a few days, just until it’s leg healed. She promised to take the dog to her vet for a second opinion concerning the injured leg & she even offered to pay that vet bill.


Upon bringing this new dog home, Lorena’s husband Don asked “Don’t we already have enough dogs?”, to which she told him that she wasn’t keeping it.  She explained she was only fostering the dog & she’d keep it out back behind the shed until someone came to claim it. Later that week Lorena noticed her husband looking at catalogues & web sites for riding lawnmowers. She mentioned that they already had a riding lawnmower & didn’t really need another one, to which he replied that he was only looking.


Weeks go by, the dogs’ leg heals so that it doesn’t need amputation & thankfully it only drags a little as it walks. Then Lorena comes home one day to discover a brand new $3000 riding lawnmower in her yard! “I thought we agreed that we weren’t getting a new riding lawnmower?” she says to her husband, who in turn replies “Oh, I’m not keeping it. I’m only fostering it. I’ll keep it out back behind the shed until someone comes to claim it.”


And so it came to be known as the $3000 dog. Ironically, a few months later they sold their house, bought a new one with a much smaller yard & the riding lawnmower got sold. But they still have all the dogs!







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