50 Shades of Grey……

Actually, I’ve never read the book. I picked it up once, leafed thru it, & read 2 paragraphs. That was as far as I got before I put it back on the shelf. Not because I was scandalized or morally offended by the S&M/B&D material, but because the dialogue was horrible (IMHO). It read like a high school sophomore wrote it! The wording had all the flow of nail polish running uphill. That’s when I thought “Crud, I could do better than that”. And here we are.

But you’ve got to admit it has a catchy title that’s recognized everywhere, so why re-invent the wheel? Plus I have more than 50 shades of nail polish, as most nail techs do. I’ve been a nail tech for over 25+ years & as techs we see/hear/meet some unique (aka off the wall freakin’ crazy) people in the course of our profession. Over the years I’ve documented many of my memories before I got too old & feeble to remember them. My intention was to write a book, but with the advent of blogs……. why bother with a book?

Let me preface this by saying this is MY blog, with MY opinions, & MY life experiences. I do not claim to speak for anyone else. Let me emphasize that I WILL NOT be shamed into retracting what YOU feel is not the ‘politically correct’ thing to say. If you read something you don’t like, click the delete button, move on & skip to the next blog.

I’ll be ‘keeping it real’, in my own voice, with my own style of writing…..which means that if foul language, nudity, sexual situations or violence bothers you….then do NOT read any further. This blog is not for you.

Likewise if you are offended by my religion, faith, grace, God, Jesus, forgiveness, love, morals, & spiritual beliefs…. then this is NOT the right blog for you either!

Everyone else is welcome to enjoy it. These stories are true snapshots of my life…..the good, the bad, & the ugly people I’ve met along the way. The names have been changed to protect the guilty (or innocent) & I’ll try to keep true to the circumstances as I remember them. What was it that Mark Twain once said….”Never let the truth get in the way of a good story” I think?

Anyway, maybe some of you might be helped by the lessons I’ve learned along the way or at the very least be thoroughly entertained.



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